Practice Management Services

Our full‐service approach to practice management is based on an understanding that most physicians would prefer to practice medicine than handle administrative hassles.

Our philosophy for our practice management services is to help support the practice in any way possible. To that end, we have the in‐house capability or have developed a network of quality subcontractors to help support independent physician practices regardless of their need.

Current Services

We can currently offer the following services:

  • Managed care credentialing & enrollment – online database enables practices to monitor their credentialing & enrollment in real time
  • Coding & compliance education & auditing – coding and auditing experts available on‐ going or on demand. Webinars and online learning courses available as well
  • Clinical/operational staffing optimization throughput and efficiency improvement – practice consultants available for practice evaluation of staffing optimization and efficiency
  • Staffing & payroll – payroll services to include local tax filings and staffing solutions for almost any need
  • Physician/staff recruitment & retention – help & support for recruitment of physicians and/or staff
  • Staff training & education – online learning, education & training
  • Finance & accounting – bookkeeping, accounts payable management, financial analytics, budget development, financial forecasting, and financial reporting
  • Payor contracting – fee for service contracting & reimbursement model development
  • Marketing & communications – website development, mobile management, marketing plan development and implementation
  • Performance management – metric development, survey readiness, root cause analysis
  • Strategy & business planning – including acquisition analysis and compensation evaluation

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