Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Our full‐service approach to billing is based on an understanding that most physicians would prefer to practice medicine than handle administrative hassles with insurance companies.

Our philosophy regarding medical billing services is to track down the hard to get money (no matter how small the balance), resulting in a service whose financial benefits far outweigh the cost to our clients. Our core focus is on delivering a high‐quality service with the most professional customer service in a fully transparent way. Our goal is to become an in‐house partner rather than an outsourced vendor.

We can work with any EMR or PM software that practices currently use.

Our Process

Our RCM process includes the following steps/offerings:

  • Appointment scheduling and insurance verification – auto verification built into our PM platform
  • Charge capture solutions – innovative charge capture solutions including mobile solutions available
  • Claims scrubbing – built in claim scrubbers to ensure 98‐99% first time clean claim filings
  • Processing & tracking – state of the art clearinghouse that maximizes claim processing and tracking
  • Denial management & follow‐up – locally based representatives that follow up on all insurance claim denials
  • Denial protocols – denial protocols customized to each practice to ensure consistent cash flow
  • Payment reconciliation & posting – daily payment reconciliation and posting
  • Personal AR & collections – all patient balances receive 2 phone calls and multiple patient statements
  • Free ad‐hoc reports & KPI reporting – account manager for each practice to enable ad‐hoc reports and KPI reporting
  • Locally based customer service & support – all representatives in South Jersey or Greater Philadelphia

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